Mandatory Attention to all Visitors, Users & Members

We extremely regret certain inconveniences and irritations caused to some of our esteemed and invaluable members because of the fact that certain anti-social and low quality individuals/groups (members/non-members of IBB website) have indulged in the practice of taking/frisking member data from the site and misusing them for whatsoever reasons.

We would like to state the following in this regard for all of your immediate and mandatory attention:

IBB provides 100% free services and users are strictly advised to use the services only for the needy. The services provided by IBB are only online with 24/7 user access. We won't provide any offline service.Please call to the registered IBB number at the most extreme situation only. In this situation, we will post a Blood requirement post on our Facebook page with patients information and contact details.

Before contacting an IBB member for blood donation or making a call to us, pleae make sure that you have inquired with all relatives, friends, nearby clubs, libraries and hospitals for this. IBB is a free service organization and there are so many patients to be helped at urgent situation. Use the IBB services only if you fail to get a blood donor through the above mentioned sources.

IBB is not collecting any reward including but not limited to money, gifts, donations and return services etc. for the service provided or has not assigned any individual/group/institution to do so.

We Request once again : Before calling IBB member for blood donation, ensure that you have enquired with your relatives, friends and nearby clubs, libraries and hospitals !!

The Indian Blood Bank website strictly follows, and wishes to follow, rules and regulations formulated and implemented by the Honorable Government of India for the functioning of a socially significant website as well as initiative such as ours.

We have incorporated certain advanced application systems in order to ensure that data are not easily and ambiguously looted, replicated and misused. We bring to the notice of such anti-social individuals/groups that we are not to be held responsible for any damage to their system(s) caused by the function of our inbuilt security and anti-theft systems. Further, we would also initiate the strictest possible measures against such elements with the best of our capabilities and strength.

Inappropriate and unacknowledged download, copy, and misuse of data in our website is illegal and liable to be acted up on in the strictest manner, in accordance with the prevalent IT laws in India.

Indian Blood Bank website managers do not undertake the responsibility of data guarantee for the data provided by members registering with the website. However, we follow strict auditing procedures on a monthly basis and would try to ensure that any anomalies/misrepresentations whatsoever, brought to notice would be immediately be corrected, or such data are deleted.

Members and the general public are advised to undertake detailed check on the data provided by registered members, before deciding up on the usage of data in the website.

IBB would not be responsible for any situation/issue arising out of any money and/or favour demanded by the 'social' service that the registered members are expected to provide by being the registered members of the website. Caution is expected to be exercised by users.

Any kind of misuse/malpractice exercised by any individual/group of the internet telephony/SMS service provided by our website would be strictly prohibited, and the strictest action would be initiated against such anti-social practices, as per the prevalent IT laws in India, with our full strength and capabilities.

Users registering with IBB are advised to strictly go through the 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms of Use' detailed in the IBB website. We would not be responsible for any matters/situations/issues arising out of these parameters being overseen and ignored by users and its registered members.

All disputes, whatsoever, are subject to Ernakulam Jurisdiction.



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