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Myths & Realities

Myth: Blood donation lowers your blood pressure.
Realities: Blood donation will not lower your blood pressure. Within one or two days time the blood will be regenerated.
Myth: Blood donation takes lots of time.
Realities: The whole blood donation process will take half an hour time approximately.

Myth: Blood donation takes lots of time.
Realities: You can resume your regular activities after a short rest of half an hour by considering the following:

Have sufficient drinking water or juice within 24 hours after donation of blood.
Avoid exposure to sunlight
Avoid driving for next 2-3 hours.
Avoid smoking at least 4 hours after donation.
Avoid Alcohol for 24 hours.



Myth: Blood donation is a painful process.
Realities: Blood donation is not painful at all. You may experience a tight sensation when the needle pierced.
Myth: Frequent blood donation weakens your body.
Realities: A healthy person can donate blood after 3months of each donation.
Myth: Blood donation cause stressed headache, severe vomiting.
Realities: If the blood pressure is within the normal limits, the donor may feel headache or vomiting before donation of blood.

Myth: Donors immunity will become low.
Realities: The level of immunity of the body is not affected only by donating blood.


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