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Cyber Unicorn
Cyberunicorn Pvt. Ltd. is a dominantly active player in the e-Business Industry-EBI.  Having 12 years of extensive experience in e-Business, we are a team of professional researchers, analysts, architects and investors in EBI, and its unlimited possibilities, using the most advanced technology applications.

Keeping the tradition of the industry, we have the following specific portfolios in e-Biz Development & Marketing, Software Development & Marketing, Virtual Property Auctions, Virtual Real Estate, Domain Keyword Development, Domain Name Registration, e-Business Research, Virtual Property Valuation, Domain Name Lease & Rentals , Biz Portal Lease & Rentals  and Customized Domain Solutions tailor-made to specifications

We, the e-Business Architects, offer the most comprehensive services to our business partners, associates and esteemed clients in a secure way.
WebCastle Media Pvt. Ltd.
We are business improvement specialists that improve small medium and large business processes through the use of best of date technologies and well established implementation methodologies. Our service ranges from brand building and graphic designing to cloud based application developments. We also touch the mobile world with Smart Phone application development including iOS, Android and Blackberry. We build tailored web applications and websites for our customers to make a better future for them by using the best available technologies in the current market.


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